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Awakening New Patterns — A Prelude


In the spirit of connection, love, and wellness, Awakening New Patterns — A Prelude aims to bring our wellness tribe, far-flung community, and journey-goers together for a dedicated time to take deep, empowering breaths, pick up a few gentle self-care tips, ease the senses, and find calm and awareness.  

With the circumstances of the past year and last, some of us might be looking to remedy one or a variety of the following feelings — increased anxiety and stress, difficulty sleeping well, detachment from loved ones and family, a general malaise, an uncertainty of what’s to come – the list continues to grow. At the same time, we continue to seek healing and stay inspired — whether it be meditating for better sleep, sprucing up our remote working spaces, or diffusing our favourite stress-relieving scents. We forge meaningful relationships, strengthen our existing bonds, collaborate productively, and find solace in one another — even at a distance.

In the same vein, we warmly invite you to come together to experience and benefit from a range of practices led by our esteemed practitioners, with like-minded, uplifting individuals for company. With valuable insights to take away from meditation, breathwork, and embodied movement practices, depart each session inspired, and take with you a couple of unique methods to refresh your day-to-day rituals.

[Part I]

A Breathwork Journey

with Danielle Van de Velde

Date: Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021

Time: 11:30AM (SGT); 60 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Join our acclaimed practitioner, healer and spiritual coach Danielle Van De Velde, as she takes us through a breathwork practice to invigorate for the afternoon. Here, we’ll be connecting to the function and energy of our minds, bodies, and energies, learning more about the enigmatic Shamanic Journeying, and exploring how breathing alters our consciousness.

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[Part II]

Winding Down

with Amber Sawyer &

Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

Date: Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021

Time: 9PM (SGT); 60 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Together with our acclaimed practitioners, Amber Sawyer PhD and creator of Embodied Dance Movement Daniel *Sonic* Rojas, we’ll be checking in with ourselves, and finding connection to our body and mind through meditative embodiment practices. Ease the senses, enter a place of stillness, and wind down for the evening with us.

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Who this is for

– Individuals interested in personal growth

– Anyone who is feeling one or a variety of the following — increased anxiety and stress, difficulty sleeping well, detachment from loved ones and family, a general malaise, hopelessness, an uncertainty of what’s to come — and want some guidance and new practices on how to find balance, healing, and calm.

– Anyone who wants to make time for self-care but hasn’t gotten around to it

– Anyone who needs inspiration, motivation, the company of nurturing practitioners and uplifting peers during these challenging times

About our Tastemakers

Danielle Van de Velde

Dani is a sought-after healer, speaker, published writer, and spiritual coach with over 25 years of experience, with a focus on enabling others to connect with the design and function of the mind, body, and energy system. Drawing techniques and wisdom of numerous world traditions, she engages in transformative inner practices for purpose-driven journeys, maximum performance, self-healing, and intuitive living.

Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

Daniel *Sonic* Rojas created the Embodied Dance Movement (EDM) methodology that experiences movement in a holistic way. With the aim of connecting to feeling, deepening body awareness and developing an intelligent self-practice of conscious movement as a foundation, movers will leave with a deeper understanding and alignment of their human form.

Amber Sawyer, PhD

Amber brings her unique perspective on empowerment and self-discovery through more than 20 years of study and experience in scientific and ancient wisdoms. She creates heart-centered embodiment practices, active meditations and holistic approaches that are designed to guide individuals to live with vibrancy, authenticity and totality.

How to Prepare

Get Comfortable

Come in loose, comfortable clothing conducive for rest and movement.

In A Space That Inspires

Settle in a space that allows for gentle movement and lying down.  Light a candle or diffuse your favourite scent.

Ready Your Tech

Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is ready to go. Keep your video switched on so we can all feel connected to each other and ready your speakers or headphones so you get the best audio quality.

How To Interact

When you’re not speaking, we encourage you to mute your audio. Use the Zoom chatroom as necessary.

Your Contribution Matters

Our virtual experiences are designed to provide holistic resources to empower your personal growth journey. We have united with our tastemakers during these difficult times to bring our community together and provide relief and solidarity to those who might be affected by the pandemic’s circumstances to a greater degree. It is for these reasons—and if you have enjoyed our sessions—we would like you to consider making a donation to stand by the message of wellness anda shared expression of support for the wider community. 30% of these proceeds will go towards our chosen organization that provides invaluable support and mental health resources to the community. You can scan the QR code here for a bank transfer or make your donation via PayPal.