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Culture Lead & Project Manager

Job Description

We are looking for a flexible, versatile and high performing Culture Lead and Project Manager, who is capable of performing the following tasks, to join us in growing an independent travel and lifestyle brand:

HR Technical Skills

  • in-depth knowledge of labour law, HR best practices and degree in Human Resources or related field;
  • ability to develop, implement and monitor HR strategies, systems and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy;
  • ability to find and recruit new talent independently by applying own search methods, HR tools and networking in the travel space;
  • performing selections for potential new talent, screening candidates and coaching/assisting colleagues in conducting interviews;
  • ability to handle technical and administrative HR tasks, including leave and salary processing, reimbursements, pay, etc;

Cultural Programming

  • supporting current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation, and preservation of human capital through the roll out of a cultural framework for the team;
  • acting as the company’s ambassador at business-events, career days or university-events;
  • developing our company culture to attract talent and drive engagement and monitoring the organisation’s health and culture (through private coaching sessions with team members) and implementing improvements as necessary;
  • advising on employee retention strategies, maintaining pay plan and benefits program, and assisting managers with talent development opportunities;
  • ensuring all aspects of the business are aligned with the team’s culture and values and driving any interesting “great place to work” initiatives;
  • keeping up-to-date with the latest trends that drive company culture;

Project Management

  • leading project planning sessions, coordinating employees and internal resources;
  • effectively managing project progressions, team performance, developments and deadlines;
  • optimizing and improving processes where necessary;

Organizational Structure

  • researching, assessing and implementing an organizational expansion plan with respect to the business from a people perspective;
  • considering and implementing the most cost-effective and efficient means for the team to collaborate cross-boundaries or in various disciplines – this includes implementing structures which may involve freelancers or outsourcing;
  • Capable of dealing with any operational matters relating to HR, such as the preparation of internal documentation and establishment of standard operating procedures; and
  • Flexible and responsive attitude – given that we are a lean set-up, job descriptions are dynamic and tend to evolve to include other roles. In this regard, a genuine interest in travel as an industry is key.

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