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Offshore Sales Support

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate and high-performing Offshore Sales Support who bears the following skills and qualities, to join us in growing an independent travel and lifestyle brand:

(i) assisting with the day-to-day operations of the Company and its related corporations;

(ii) is able to provide end-to-end administrative support to sales consultants at all levels, including the design of itineraries and proposals, cheat sheets, invoice raising and breakdown, keeping track of payments, bookings and supplier and product knowledge gathering;

(iii) is able to liaise with stakeholders, such as answering queries, gathering feedbacks, providing relevant information and announcements, to ensure that procedures, processes, documentations and systems are communicated clearly and in timely manner, while protecting the Company’s Intellectual Property Rights;

(iv) is able to deal with enquiries from previous, existing or prospective clients or corresponding with existing or prospective partners/suppliers of the company, governmental authorities, including the design of itineraries and proposals; 

(v) assisting in tracking deal status, sales targets, commissions and maintaining any CRM database systems and preparing reports on the same;

(vi) timely and prompt preparation of internal company documents, such as invoices and destination collaterals;

(vii) is able to assist in building on and maintaining all systems and products knowledge/offerings (such as itinerary builder, information platforms and feedback channels) and its SOPs;

(viii) is able to assist with the maintenance and upkeep of tech (software or hardware) and web-related requirements of the Company and its related corporations;

(ix) is capable of keeping abreast of any developments with respect to our product offering which may have an impact on the travel industry and conducting thorough travel and business-related research, whether of the industry, our destinations or product offering in general or of our competitors and analysing any research findings and preparing reports on the same;

(x) is able to aid in the expansion of destination and product offerings by reaching out to suppliers, gathering product knowledge and creating content;

(xi) is able to assist in sourcing for, building and maintaining supplier relations that should aid in operational needs (such as care packages and inventory); and

(xii) is able to handle administrative tasks and paperwork relating to the company’s operations and internal processes, including HR-related administrative tasks.


(i) previous experience in sales and operations in the travel industry is preferred;

(ii) strong intrapersonal skills;

(iii)have excellent writing and language skills;

(iv) have a keen eye for details and be extremely thorough;

(v) have working knowledge of WordPress. Applicants with basic website development knowledge and interest preferred;

(vi) having working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Excel and CRM tools such as Hubspot is preferred;

(vii) be an efficient project manager who can handle multiple projects simultaneously and work with tight timelines;

(viii) be self-motivated, resourceful and comfortable working in a cross-functional environment;

(ix) have a flexible, dependable and responsive attitude.

How to apply:

If you’re interested, please send your CV and cover letter which responds to the following questions to hr@blueskyescapes.co:

1. Why you would like to join the Blue Sky Escapes team;
2. How you propose to contribute to the team, including among others, your relevant experience and proficiency relating to this role; and
3. Share about an instance where you met with a personal or work conflict—what was it about and how did it end up?

Please send us your CV highlighting relevant experience and a cover letter describing why you have what it takes to be a member of the Blue Sky Escapes family. Please email the following to hr@blueskyescapes.co.

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