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Executive Assistant

Job Description

We are looking for a dynamic and high performing Executive Assistant who is capable of supporting the management of Blue Sky Escapes with the following:

Sales Support

a. is capable of supporting the development, implementation and maintenance of sales strategies and guidelines for the sales team and supporting the sales team in adhering to the same;

b. provides assistance in building on, updating and maintaining all systems, product knowledge and offerings (such as itinerary builder, information database and feedback channels) and its standard operating procedures;

c. is able to document sales processes, monitor sales production and commissions of each team member and the company as a whole, and preparing status reports, including the tracking of hotel/consortia production and commission payouts;

d. is capable of keeping abreast of any developments with respect to our destinations which may have an impact on the travel and lifestyle industry and conducting thorough travel and business-related research, whether of the industry or our destinations ingeneral or of our competitors and analysing any research findings;

e. where needed, is able to support the sales and marketing team on the implementation of growth marketing strategies, executing 360-degreead/marketing (whether online or offline) and e-mail campaigns, coordinating the same and dealing with EDM and intranet tools;

Operational Support

a. is capable of supporting the development and implementation of any operational improvement strategies, including the integration of any new technologies, application for relevant governmental grants and making of recommendations on cost-effective solutions to operational challenges;

b. can support project/event progressions, team performance, developments (including sourcing and liaising with external vendors and partners) and deadlines, and ensuring deadlines and project goals are fulfilled;

c. is capable of analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of existing project plans, as well as recommending improvements;

People & Culture Support

 a. ability to find and recruit new talent independently by applying own search methods, HR tools and networking in the travel and lifestyle space, including screening candidates, conducting interviews and performing selections for potential new talent;

General Administration Support

a. coordinating schedules of management and the team with respect to team, partner and supplier meetings; and

b. ensuring product knowledge (e.g. supplier lists, destination guides) and any data pertaining to sales or meetings remain up-to-date.

How to apply:

If you’re interested, please send your CV and cover letter which responds to the following questions to hr@blueskyescapes.co:

1. Why you would like to join the Blue Sky Escapes team;
2. How you propose to contribute to the team, including among others, your relevant experience and proficiency relating to this role;
3. Share about an instance where you met with a personal or work conflict—what was it about and how did it end up?

Please send us your CV highlighting relevant experience and a cover letter describing why you have what it takes to be a member of the Blue Sky Escapes family. Please email the following to hr@blueskyescapes.co.

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