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Israel – at the confluence of histories, cultures and faiths, encompassing the “navel of the earth” – draws pilgrims and revellers alike with its youthful spirit and singular, sacred allure.

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An Israel Journey

Get inspired for your perfect escape with this journey previously crafted for a fellow traveller

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An Israel Journey (Extended)

Get inspired for your perfect escape with this journey previously crafted for a fellow traveller

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Immersive Israel Experiences

Israel Travel Tips & Insights

The fertile hills of Galilee dominate the North. In Central Israel, the lush Sharon Plain stretches along the coast, with a range of inland hills running parallel to the coast. In the South, one can find the Negev Desert.

Israel’s currency is Shekel (NIS). Each Skekel comprises of 100 agorot. You may exchange currency at the airport, banks, post offices, tourist hotels and licensed exchange agencies in large Israeli cities.

Israel’s main airport is the Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport. Visitors can catch a direct flight from Bangkok or Dubai.

For Singapore passport holders, tourist visas are not required for stays up to 3 months in Israel. For all other passports, please check here: https://embassies.gov.il/washington/ConsularServices/Pages/Visa-Information.aspx

  • If you brought items with you that are not tax-exempt, you will be charged the applicable tax payment before clearing the items from customs;
  • If you have brought with you one of the following items: a new personal computer, a UAV (drone), electric bicycle or similar items, you will be required to deposit a guarantee in the amount of taxes applicable to them – in cash or by credit card.

Refer to the details on what does not require declaration here.

January – March

You will be able to enjoy cool weather and occasional snowfall.
It is an opportune period to visit Israel as there will be festivals during this period on the Jewish Calendar

April – May

The days will be pleasantly warm and cooler evenings so you would have to pack a light jacket

June –  Aug

This few months are summer in Israel where you will experience a lot of sunshine.

Sep – Oct

It is not as hot as during the peak of summer.

Nov – Dec

Visiting Israel during winter months, you can expect snow and rain.

Aside from keeping updated with the latest COVID19 vaccination requirements, there are no vaccinations required to travel to Israel.

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