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Blue Sky Escapes Retreats:
An Emergence of Self – Finding Stillness

A 3D2N Retreat:

An Emergence of Self – Finding Stillness

24 – 26 June 2022 (full)

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“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.”

– Lao Tzu

Come mid-year, you’re invited to hit the pause button to journey into your inner world.

As part of our An Emergence of Self series, and set in an intimate, soothing enclave with calming nature-filled surrounds, our three-day soul-reviving retreat takes you right to the core of your being in search of stillness.

With kindred spirits and an endless sea of flora and green for company, re-align, re-group and re-invigorate yourself with intentional, heart-centered embodiment practices, nourishing meals, and the magic that inner silence brings.

Learn the art of letting go, non-attachment and awareness, then embrace your own process of emergence as you integrate inner discoveries into your outer world.

Table of Contents

Retreat Details
About the Sessions
Wellness Essentials Kit
Retreat Price
Sponsors & Partners

Retreat Details

Lodging and Retreat Space

The retreat will take place at a restored 100-year old black and white house located within Labrador’s lush nature reserve – Villa Samadhi. At every corner of this quiet enclave, you’ll find safe and nurturing spaces conducive for you to take the journey within. At the end of each day, recuperate within the comforts of your room located in this hidden sanctuary.


Guest chefs on site will serve up a curation of nourishing recipes, using fresh, quality ingredients laden with nature’s goodness and sourced sustainably where possible, in tandem with the seasons.


24 – 26 June: Our retreat opens from 3PM on Friday, 24 June 2022, and ends at 5PM on Sunday, 26 June 2022.

Selected Sessions

More details will be released periodically.

Active Meditations

These are structured meditation methods that consciously bring the practitioner from the periphery to the centre of the storm – to that place of witnessing, where one can reside in awareness while all continues to exist around them. In this retreat, travel to the centre of our being through a variety of movement meditations that use sound, movement and breath practices, allowing us to actively cultivate body awareness as a means to enter the present moment.

A Day of Silence

For one day of the retreat, we will practice ‘mouna’, the art of maintaining silence. When we participate in somatic (body) experiences, particularly while holding a space of silence, often insights, reflections and memories will surface — all a part of our unfolding. Journaling and self-reflection sessions will allow you to sit with them and allow the process to unfold gently in your hands, knowing that these moments of taking pause are instrumental in connecting to your Self.

Interactive Journeys

We will create ceremonial spaces with opportunities to connect with one another and guided discussions to set and release intentions and consecrate transitions for starting and ending this profound process together. This will not only help to deepen our connection to one another, but also gently help to process a collective understanding and provide you with communicative tools for you to integrate and assimilate the retreat experience back into your daily life.

Yin Yoga

The floor-based Hatha practice of Yin Yoga allows us to connect to our deeper, denser tissues and open up our bodies slowly through holding poses for a longer period of time. We will tap into the yielding, “being” aspects that reside in us, exploring the mind and what is in the stillness as we watch what unfolds moment to moment. The slow-paced nature of this class allows for a perfect gateway to breathwork and mindfulness meditation practices, all the while giving our body the stretch and recovery it deserves.

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying is a practice of accessing the wisdom and guidance available within deeper aspects of the subconscious mind. With drums guiding the way, this Shamanic practice will help us reconnect to our natural state, our core being and our purpose through a meditative theta brainwave state and connection to a subconscious realm, with the intention to find answers and guidance in support of personal change.

I Am Mantra Ceremony

Through breathwork we will tap into our deep inner worlds and lean into the introspection from silence, before coming together to ritualistically decree our personal I Am Mantras, developed from a guided journaling session. Experience a powerful release as we give voice to what we are choosing to let go of, before inviting in and commencing the cultivation of the attributes expressed in our personal mantras.

Sound Bath

Enter a deeply relaxing experience through the flow of sounds and harmonics created by various instruments like the gong, singing bowls, voice, drums and chimes as you lay down. The soothing sounds will generate a harmonious resonance that will allow the mind and body to relax, release, shift, restore and to feel rejuvenated. We will be embarking on a sound journey, through a personal flow of connection, reflection and restoration on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Drumming Circles

Creating drum patterns in a group enhances the connection with the Self and your inner state of mental stillness through the rhythmic collective of likeminded peers. Together, we will physically drum and explore a meditative rhythm, building an energetic collective experience of natural flow, which in turn empties and creates inner stillness of the mind. Become more grounded, aware and connected to self through the powerful flow of a collective rhythm leading to a meditative creative state, releasing tension, calming and refreshing the mind space.

Learn More

Journal: Emerging into Wellness – Setting Meaningful Intentions and Exploring the Self

Press: Daven Wu CNA Luxury

A Retreat Vlog by Georgia Caney

Journal: Mouna — The Art of Maintaining Silence

Our Facilitators

Danielle Van de Velde

Dani is a sought-after healer, speaker, published writer, and spiritual coach with over 25 years of experience, with a focus on enabling others to connect with the design and function of the mind, body, and energy system. Drawing techniques and wisdom of numerous world traditions, she engages in transformative inner practices for purpose-driven journeys, maximum performance, self-healing, and intuitive living.

Wil Kolen

A soul creativist, Wil’s practices follow a sequential flow of awareness-understanding-acceptance-change. This sequence of personal adaptation forms the basis for the natural and supportive journeys for personal strengthening on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Wil also specialises on developing healing and transformative formats of various sound and energy based modalities like sound journeys, drumming circles, Reiki and Shamanic practice.

Stephanie Bovis

Having gotten her first 200-hour teacher training in 2015 in Bali, Stephanie started her journey with holistic training and elemental theory,  following which she’s had multiple trainings over the years with renowned teachers, including Amber Sawyer (PhD). Stephanie brings with her a repertoire of nurturing practices that are heart-opening and expansive, with methods tailored to meet and guide individuals at wherever they are in their journey.

Wellness Essentials Kit

Our Wellness Essentials Kit is comprised of items from thoughtful, homegrown and wellness-centric brands. These handpicked items encourage self-care, inspire reflection, and support Blue Sky Escapes’ commitment to sustainability.

We would like to thank our generous partners and sponsors for bringing some of their magic to our retreats. If you would like to partner with us, we would love to have a chat to explore.

Retreat Price


Tribe Exclusive (closed): S$2,680 per person

Early Access (limited spots available): S$2,780 per person

Standard Access (ends 24 Feb 2022): S$3,070 per person

Inclusive of:

  • a two–night stay at Villa Samadhi in a private king bed category room for 1 pax;
  • all wellness activities and sessions conducted by expert practitioners as specified;
  • all meals, beverages and refreshments as plated by professional chefs; and
  • Wellness Essentials Kit.

Come As A Pair

Tribe Exclusive (closed): S$2,390 per person

Early Access (limited spots available): S$2,490 per person

Standard Access (ends 24 Feb 2022): S$2,740 per person

Inclusive of all of the above, with the two-night stay at Villa Samadhi being in a shared king bed category room for 2 pax. If needed, an extra bed can be included at an additional charge.

* Commit with an upfront amount of S$500. Non-refundable unless the event is postponed or cancelled. T&Cs apply.

** Subject to availability and on a first-come-first-served basis. Top-up amounts may be required.

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“One of the most powerful, extraordinary inward journeys I have ever embarked on. It was extremely well organized with utmost attention to detail, a beautiful selection of meditations carefully curated with some amazing practitioners. Everything from the food to the ambience was carefully selected and even after the retreat the team took such great care of us by checking in.”

Mantazh K.

Retreat Participant

“What a powerful and life-changing experience! What comes through strongly is the attention that went into the design and preparation of the retreat. Nobody will leave the retreat the same person they arrived. Instead you will leave transformed, feeling empowered, more self-aware and equipped with new tools to lead a purposeful life.”

Chedia H.

Retreat Participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with BSE. It was an extremely beautiful way to set aside time to go and do this. To clear my mind with healthy activities, meditation, movement, food, and rest to strengthen the mind. It was a beautiful experience and sure that I would love to do it again and again in time to come”

Eugene N.

Retreat Participant

“This experience was bliss. The execution was flawless and it seemed everything flowed easily. Although this retreat was a first for me, everything was made easy and felt natural. The day of silence looked like a lot at first, but it actually felt too short. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to step back and reflect, emerge and grow.”

Emilie M.

Retreat Participant

“What I hadn’t expected was to be wrapped up by all that greenery, serenity seeping into my awareness and gently sloughing away stress… Every day, we meditated on joy, gratitude and peace.”

Daven W.

Retreat Participant, for CNA Luxury

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior experience in meditation, yoga and movement?

No, you do not need to have any prior experience. Our expert practitioners will introduce helpful tips to help you get started, as well as to deepen current practices for the more experienced.

Do I need to bring anything to the retreat?

You will be given your own mat (as supplied by Lululemon), pillow and blanket for use during the retreat, so all you will need to bring with you are basic essentials and more importantly, comfortable clothing which will allow you to move freely.

Are the meditations, yoga practices or anything else religious in nature?

No, all the methods we share are free of dogma and are open to people of all belief systems. The methods themselves are rooted in science and we will use inclusive vocabulary open to all people. 

What will the flow of the retreat schedule look like?

You can expect each day to follow this general retreat framework:

Day 1: Letting Go to Invite In
Opening Ceremony
Afternoon Meditation Session
Evening Meditation Session

Day 2: Day of Silence; Re-Creating Within
Morning Meditation Session
Mid-morning Movement Session
Tea & Refreshments
Afternoon Meditation Session
Sound Bath Session

Day 3: Emerging into the New
Morning Meditation Session
Mid-morning Meditation Session with a Guided Discussion
Afternoon Movement Session
Closing Ceremony
End of Retreat

Can I arrive late, leave early or in other words, join for just part of the retreat?

As each step on the retreat schedule has been thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey of unfolding and emergence, we would highly recommend that you begin and end the journey as planned so as to experience it as it was intended and get the most out of your retreat experience.

Who is this for?

The retreat is being hosted in a secluded location away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which will serve as the perfect container for you to experience inner healing and transformation.

This retreat is for:

  • Anyone interested in transformative wellness practices 
  • Anyone looking to devote time for self-care
  • Anyone looking to release stress 
  • Anyone looking to improve their sense of self

Do I have to attend all sessions?

No, all sessions are optional to attend, however we recommend that you attend all sessions as scheduled to gain the most out of the retreat experience.  

Can I go on the retreat alone?

Absolutely, some people are looking for some time out from their lives and they embark on the wellness journey solo, and you’ll most certainly be amongst people having a similar experience. Some of us might just want “alone-time”, or some of us might want to seek new friendships.

Retreats are an incredible place to make great life-long friends. There’s something about going through the retreat experience that can really create strong bonds.

Is participating in the Day of Silence mandatory at the retreat?

No, silence is not mandatory for yourself, but out of respect for the group we ask that you maintain silence in a group setting. We will introduce ‘Mouna’, the practice of maintaining silence at the beginning of the retreat and creating a space for the Day of Silence. It is up to you regarding how deeply you go into the practice and for how long you maintain silence. If you need to chat with other participants who also are not maintaining silence, then we ask that you do it away from the retreat grounds or the group activity spaces.  

Can I use my mobile phone or other digital devices at the retreat?

We ask that you leave your mobile phones and digital devices in your hotel rooms and come tech-free to the retreat. We will also have a ‘drop-off’ box for anyone who would like to deposit their mobile devices at the start of the retreat and collect at the end, in order to be truly free of these devices for the duration. It is up to you what you would like to do, but we are requiring a tech-free zone during the retreat itself, on the retreat grounds. If you need to have access to your phone for any reason, please let us know and we can arrange a private way for you to do so.

What are the safety protocols in place?

The health and safety of all participants, practitioners and our team remain our top priority. Wearing of face masks is mandatory during the retreat, except when eating, drinking and during strenuous activities. We will be abiding by the latest Safe Management Measures as outlined by the Singapore government.

Safe–distancing will be adhered to at all times, with appointed safe-distancing ambassadors on-site for temperature checks. We also encourage everyone to be equipped with the Trace Together app or token and deploy Safe

Entry for contact tracing.  Our team will also ensure that rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regimes are implemented, particularly for high touch surfaces.

Is the retreat compliant with existing COVID-related regulations?

We will be abiding by the latest Safe Management Measures as outlined by the Singapore government. We are permitted to conduct the sessions and workshops for no more than 50 guests in a single room, provided that the relevant safe distancing measures are put in place on site. Guests will remain in assigned groups during the sessions and workshops, while keeping to group sizes as per the prevailing safety measures.

What if I have a specific dietary requirement?

You will get the chance to pick from a selection of nourishing meals before the retreat and share with us any food allergies, dietary plans and dietary restrictions that you may have. We will do our best to adapt to every guest.

What if I'm unwell? Can I still attend the retreat?

No, we encourage you not to. We will not be able to issue a refund after the cancellation deadline but a transfer of space to another may be possible. We will be able to review the situation on a case-by-case basis.

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Past Sponsors & Partners

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