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Individual Wellness

Living well entails taking care of your personal health and that of your loved ones through the food you eat, the exercises you incorporate into your daily life. Embody conscious living with our diverse menu of wellness curations can be tailored to suit your needs and pace.


Our subconscious impacts a majority of our lifestyle choices but it takes intent and purpose to drive personal wellness forward in a holistic manner. These seemingly miniscule decisions we make on the daily affect us in both the short- and long-term.

Oftentimes, the healthiest relationship is one where you’re constantly working towards greater health in all facets of your life. Uncover opportunities for an improved quality of life by adopting an active approach.

Draw inspiration from our curated black book of seasoned practitioners and holistic sessions that offers endless possibilities for crafting diverse experiences that resonate rather than simply appeal.

Private Sessions

Personalise your wellness with our menu of diverse curations.

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing

Sessions of uninterrupted self care. Use this space and environment to venture deep within yourself to the internal world and tend to whatever needs more love, more time and more observation.

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Bespoke Creative Art Workshop

In just one tailored session, you and/or your child can learn to construct whimsical art sculptures or create art; recommended as a family activity. ​

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Breathe, Rest, Reset

Learn to harness your breath through a variety of breath work and meditation techniques for invigoration, relaxation and rejuvenation.​

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Collaboration through Embodiment

Explore movement as a form of communication to motivate trust and empathy in a thriving work environment. Colleagues can also expect to get to know one another on a deeper level through mindful exercises and embodiment practices that revolve around the art of giving and receiving.

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Creating Space through Movement

Cultivate an ergonomic work posture with a holistic range of multidirectional, cyclical and spiralized movement. Regenerate energy, improve circulation and create more space for healing the body and mind.

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Cultivating Mindfulness

Enrol your kids for a 1-day mindfulness and art retreat with a child mindfulness expert where they learn about emotions, meditation, and self expression through art.

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Embodied Intimacy

Cultivate deeper, non-verbal communication with one another through the use of mindful movement, playfulness, embodiment, and sensorial experiences.

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How to Build an Intelligent Practice

Inculcate mindfulness, creativity and efficiency at the workplace by empowering the workforce with practical exercises in strengthening, flexibility, alignment and coordination.

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Mindfulness For Kids and Adults

Enrol your kids for a 1-day mindfulness and art retreat with a child mindfulness expert where they learn about emotions, meditation, and self expression through art.

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Qi gong and Taichi

Slow down and learn to stimulate your qi, also known as the vital life-force, according to classical Chinese philosophy.

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Sacred Feminine Movement

Reconnect with your sacred feminine self through elemental movements practice, breath work and energy activation with South East Asia’s first sanctioned teacher of the DATURA STYLE 8 Elements of Belly Dance.

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Sacred Intimacy

An emotionally and spiritually charged session for couples to renew their perspectives on love and intimacy.

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Sound Healing Meditation

This ancient Tibetan art seeks to redress physiological imbalances using sound vibrations to heal every part of the body.​

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The Art Of Reiki

Activate self-healing through a temporary attunement of the Reiki energy with a master of this benign energy.

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Yoga & Story-Telling − For Kids

Yoga designed for children or with parents, using story-telling to evoke a sense of wonder and imagination.

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Yoga - Restorative & Yin

Explore mindful movement and center the self through breathing, control, meditation, and healing bodily postures which strengthen the mind-body connection.

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Retreat Series: An Emergence of Self

Alternatively, explore wellness through our lens via An Emergence of Self, an ongoing series of self-exploratory retreats hosted periodically in Singapore to help like-minded individuals come home to themselves.

How It Works

1. Browse our Experiences

Peruse our menu of diverse curations and draw inspiration from within.

2. Get in Touch

Drop us an email at ask@blueskyescapes.co with your basic information, chosen session(s) , group size, choice of location and/or setting and any other details that you’d like to share with us.

3. Personalise your Wellness

A bespoke journey involves getting to know you better (over the phone or via e-mail) and understanding what you hope to get out of a private session. Once the details have been sorted, leave it to us to make your wellness goals a reality.

Bring Wellness-to-Work Day

Keen to incorporate wellness into your workplace? Learn more here.

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