Journey with us on A Mystical Odyssey in Bhutan (12 - 18 March '23).

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The Art Of Reiki

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Intersections at the Cemetery

Let our personality take you through a journey across time — learn the stories behind deaths and burials of a time when Singapore was a colony, discover diaries and recollections of the war, and discuss the contributions of Singapore's pioneers, and how fascinating parts of the nation's history was charted.

At A Mystical Spot

Gather at a secret mystical spot, located in one of the now-defunct Chinese Kampong sites within the cemetery forest. Discover how the living lived and continues to live among the dead, the effects that modern life and people have had on the spot, and a creative take on how we continue to keep alive the stories of those who came before us.

Culture, Art and Architecture

Discover more on the salvation of the iconic Bukit Brown Cemetery gates, the creation of ad hoc shrines, and the material culture of Bukit Brown — you might even draw a surprising link or two back to European history by understanding the use of decorative elements and materials.

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The Art Of Reiki

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S$130 for up to 2 people / 60 minutes (+S$50 to combine it with Tibetan Singing Bowls or Crystals)

The most mainstream of complementary medicine channels gentle universal energy to rebalance and heal. The energy of Reiki is known to promote post-surgery recovery, induce a deep sense of calm and balance, and relieve conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to eczema and muscle tension. You remain clothed throughout the process while the practitioner’s hands are guided to go where they need to go. The energy of Tibetan singing bowls and crystals wonderfully complement Reiki and are beautiful optional extras.

Movement, Meditation & Reiki

From S$175 / 1 person / 75 – 150 minutes

Movement and reiki sessions can be experienced as a stand-alone or a combination with the following:

1) Tibetan Singing Bowls: Promote healing from stress disorders with the added energies of the Tibetan bowl;

2) Crystals: Enhance positive energy flow and rid the self of negative energies with the healing abilities of crystals;

3) Yoga & Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls: An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices that incorporates dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the reciting of mantras.


Reiki Group Healing

1) S$95 for 2 people / 60 minutes

Learn to heal yourself and loved ones. Receive temporary Reiki energy in your hands and be guided through a self-healing process.

2) S$115 for up to 5 people / 60 minutes

A great taster session in Reiki healing. Relax in comfort while you receive you and your friends take turns to experience the beautiful energy of Reiki.

Who this is for

– Anyone

What to bring or prepare

– Yoga mat, towels to roll up or stack, pillows or bolsters, yoga blocks and a bottle of water. If blocks are unavailable, towels and pillows can be used instead.

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