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Saudi Arabia

The site of a global gathering of faithful Muslims for 14 centuries, it’s been only a handful of years since The Kingdom opened its doors to non-Muslim tourists from around the world. Now’s the time to explore this once-forbidden desert realm, still cloaked in mystique. For one, nothing short of jaw-dropping scenery awaits the traveller here: enormous craters of salt, vast tracts of dunes and razor-sharp ridges sheltering idyllic oases. Clear, bath-water streams feed clusters of date palms before carving through canyons to reach the Red Sea, its five-star resorts within easy reach of the most spectacular reefs on the planet. Of course, there are also the breath-taking, rock-hewn tombs of Mada’in Saleh, sister city to Petra. There’s old Jeddah’s heritage homes, adorned with elaborate mashrabiyya. There’s Riyadh’s glassy skyline, restored forts and souqs, and state-of-the-art museums. And we’re still on the surface…

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Reflections from Denmark

Discover the “Land of Everyday Wonder” from our experience makers and fellow escapists

The Kazakh eagle hunter
and his golden bird of prey

“On our last day in the Altai, we met an eagle hunter named Khairatkhan. There are around 250 eagle hunters left in the world practicing this vanishing art and most reside in the Mongolian Altai. Hunters ride their horses with their eagles perched on their arms up to the top of the hill for a better vantage point before releasing the birds to hunt foxes, rabbits and occasionally, wolves. He said that they raise and feed these golden eagles even before they can fly. But these eagles are born wild so once they’re released, they will never return.”

– Kay Lam

Nomadic migration
on horseback in the Altai

“We were the first outsiders to horse trek with two Mongolian Kazakh families migrating 100km across the Altai from their winter home to their summer home. We rode semi-wild horses and herded over 300 animals through gorgeous terrain over three days, which was nothing short of magical.

On day two, we set up camp by a glacial lake located across the Chinese border in Khorimdik Valley. None of our crew or guides had ever been to this remote and magical location before, and we had only come to know of it through our nomadic family.”

– Yohei Ueno

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