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Independent Travel Consultant (Freelance)

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate and high-performing Independent Travel Consultant who bears the following skills and qualities, to join us in growing an independent travel and lifestyle brand:

(i) has sales experience in the travel industry;

(ii) is capable of sourcing, qualifying, maintaining and generating new leads for the Company with respect to travel sales, including the nurturing and maintenance of client relationships, gathering client feedbacks and identifying future upselling opportunities;

(iii) is able to deal with enquiries from previous, existing or prospective clients or corresponding with existing or prospective partners/suppliers of the company, governmental authorities, including the design of itineraries and proposals in accordance to our brand guideline;

(iv) has an eye for details to ensure high client satisfaction through successful execution of the products sold to the clients, keeping track of payments and signing of booking documentation, researching product rates, preparation of care packages and arranging for timely send out to clients or suppliers;

(v) is capable of managing the revenue and cost of each booking according to the pricing guideline, as the execution of our products are highly personalized to individual clients;

(vi) is capable of keeping abreast of any developments with respect to our destinations which may have an impact on the travel, wellness and lifestyle industry and conducting thorough travel and business-related research, whether of the industry or our destinations in general or of our competitors or of sustainability practices and analysing any research findings and preparing reports on the same;

(vii) is able to coordinate and deal with CRM tools, including data entry, housekeeping and analysis;

(viii) has exceptional writing skills – for drafting travel articles, crafting engaging copy and editing content/descriptions of destinations and journeys we offer, to be sent to clients;

(ix) where needed, is able to work with the marketing team and follow our branding guideline closely on the implementation of growth marketing strategies, executing 360-degree ad/marketing (whether online or offline) and e-mail campaigns, coordinating the same and dealing with EDM tools, including data analysis;

(x) is capable of scouting and getting involved in business development – in particular, the Company’s expansion into other destinations, tie-ups with other like-minded brands and businesses or associations and/or development of new brand concepts/product lines;

(xi) provides weekly summary on the status of enquiries and bookings to the sales department and in relevant channels as specified by the sales department;

(xii) is self-motivated, resourceful and comfortable working in a cross-functional environment; and

(xii) has a flexible and responsive attitude.

How to apply:

If you’re interested, please send your CV and cover letter which responds to the following questions to hr@blueskyescapes.co:

1. Why you would like to join the Blue Sky Escapes team;
2. How you propose to contribute to the team, including among others, your relevant experience and proficiency relating to this role;
3. The type of sales client base you had served in the past; and
4. Share about an instance where you met with a personal or work conflict—what was it about and how did it end up?

Please send us your CV highlighting relevant experience and a cover letter describing why you have what it takes to be a member of the Blue Sky Escapes family. Please email the following to hr@blueskyescapes.co.

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