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Finding Inner Peace
in Ancient Laos

Finding Inner Peace in Ancient Laos

6 - 9 October 2022 (4D3N)

On this 4D3N wellness getaway in ancient Laos, re-align, re-group and re-invigorate yourself with immersive wellness practices, nourishing meals, and the magic that inner silence brings. Learn the art of giving and receiving, quiet contemplation and awareness, as you join local personalities and native animals in holding space for your journey of finding inner peace.

Only 8 rooms available.

“A compassionate state of mind brings inner peace, and therefore a healthier body.”

– Dalai Lama

Table of Contents

Wellness Getaway Details
Who This Is For
Session Highlights
Wellness Kit
Terms & Conditions
In Collaboration With

Wellness Getaway Details


Laos is a hidden gem that most travellers miss out on while journeying through South East Asia. As one of the late emerging travel destinations, Laos has maintained much of its original culture, heritage and pristine nature. On this wellness getaway, you’ll be staying in Luang Prabang which was once the royal capital of the Lan Xang Kingdom, perched 700 metres above sea level and nestled between the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers.

Set amidst sacred mountains and rice padi fields, you’ll get the chance to connect with the earth, nature and surrounds through mindfulness-based practices like silent forest bathing, paving the way for deeper insights to unfold as the days unravel.  


Your 4D3N wellness getaway will be hosted at the beautiful La Résidence Phou Vao, a Belmond Hotel, a sanctuary situated in a UNESCO Heritage region surrounded by lush nature and steps away from vibrant local villages. You'll be staying in an exclusive part of the property reserved for Blue Sky Escapes' guests and be treated to a complimentary 90-min Signature Sip Sen Traditional Lao Massage by the property's award-winning Mekong Spa. Relax, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy stepping back into a more gracious era.

Who This Is For

This 4D3N wellness getaway serves up a thoughtful curation of experiences involving sacred Laotian rituals, local personalities and wildlife native to the land all coming together to hold space for your quest for inner peace. It’s great for anyone looking to destress, and bring harmony to the physical, mental and emotional systems. For those who are interested in Mouna (the art of maintaining silence), you’ll experience a deep dive into your inner world, emerging with a more profound sense of self.


pacific ocean sunset

Day 1

5.00pm: Check-in*            
6.00pm: Baci Ceremony conducted by a senior village shaman
7.00pm: Hosted dinner 

*This is a suggested check-in time based on the recommended flight options.

Day 2

7.00am: Silent hike to Mount Phousi with General Manager of La Résidence Phou Vao
8.00am: Breakfast
10.00am: Yin Yoga
11.30am: Lunch
12.30pm: Afternoon at leisure*
5.00pm: Chanting and meditation with Buddhist monks
7.00pm: Dinner, rest of the evening at leisure

*You can take this opportunity to enjoy the facilities, practice self-reflective activities such as journaling, or consider our menu of optional local activities.

pacific ocean sunset
pacific ocean sunset

Day 3

4.45am: Tak Bat            
7.00am: Breakfast            
9.00am: Therapeutic walking with elephants            
11.00am: Lunch            
1.00pm: Afternoon at leisure*
4.00pm: Silent sunset Mekong river cruise with afternoon tea      
7.30pm: Dinner 

*You can take this opportunity to enjoy the facilities, practice self-reflective activities such as journaling, or consider our menu of optional local activities.

Day 4

6.00am: Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga
7.30am: Breakfast
10.00am: Closing Ceremony
11.30am: Lunch at leisure
12.30pm: Check-out

pacific ocean sunset

Session Highlights


Mouna is the art of maintaining silence. In many ways, we can perceive silence as a much-needed nourishment or remedy for the soul. With this quietness comes a path for peace and self-discovery. Silence fine-tunes your focus and encourages a deep-dive into your consciousness, enabling a dissolving off of everything else that is external and material. What’s left to focus on are our awareness, intentions and body connection. The brain shifts from narratives to present-state moments, allowing you to access your beliefs and who you are inside – so that you can experience an emergence of self. This practice is optional.

Silent Sunset Mekong River Cruise

Enjoy afternoon tea and sunset colours in peaceful contemplation along the water, embracing a gentler rhythm of life aboard a traditional Lao longboat. Be whisked to a trio of temples, one set in a cave with a trove of sculpted Buddhas, and, time permitting, connect further with nature at a fabulous, undiscovered botanical garden.

Baci Ceremony

Join us in the creation of an intimate, spiritual space through a Lao Baci ceremony, a deep-rooted ritual performed by the village shaman to strengthen community bonds and bring about balance. Its observance will serve to deepen our connection to one another as we commence our individual journeys.

Tak Bat - Giving of Alms

Rise before the crack of dawn to learn from Madame La the art of preparing Lao rice, to be charitably gifted to the local, saffron-clad monks in Luang Prabang’s famous almsgiving procession. Forge silent connections through the act of giving and experience a sense of oneness with the monks, who gather each morning with empty bowls in tow to fill their humble hearts with gratitude.

Chanting & Meditation with Buddhist monks

At the local temple, witness the reverent practice of a congregation of Buddhist monks, observing – and indeed, taking active part in – the prayerful rite of chanting. Prior to the immersive temple experience you’ll enjoy the privilege of an audience with the temple’s head monk, who’ll instruct on the purpose behind the chanting and answer visitors’ questions.

Silent Hike to Mount Phousi

Start the day right by grounding in nature on a short but highly rewarding hike to Luang Prabang’s sacred rise, unifying body and mind with the fulness of nature amid marvellous vistas. Breath in the fresh air to help boost circulation, clearing space for the healing and insights to flow.

Walking with Elephants

Learn of local legends and Buddhist lore as you traverse a luscious jungle landscape, sliced with burbling streams and patched with lovingly tended paddies. Through silent walking and forest bathing, harmonize with earth and nature, accompanied en route by elephants (freed from laborious lives in logging camps to enjoy a more peaceful existence).

Interactive Journeys

We will create ceremonial spaces with opportunities to connect with one another and guided discussions to set and release intentions and consecrate transitions for starting and ending this profound process together. This will not only help to deepen our connection to one another, but also gently help to process a collective understanding and provide you with communicative tools for you to integrate and assimilate the retreat experience back into your daily life.

Yin Yoga

The floor-based Hatha practice of Yin Yoga allows us to connect to our deeper, denser tissues and open up our bodies slowly through holding poses for a longer period of time. We will tap into the yielding, “being” aspects that reside in us, exploring the mind and what is in the stillness as we watch what unfolds moment to moment. The slow-paced nature of this class allows for a perfect gateway to breathwork and mindfulness meditation practices, all the while giving our body the stretch and recovery it deserves.

Wellness Kit

Your kit is comprised of carefully crafted items made by local craftsman in Laos. They are handpicked items that encourage self-care, inspire reflection, and support your commitment to sustainability.


Sara Riad

When Sara found and discovered her love for yoga in 2014, she felt held, supported and guided in a way she had never experienced before. She is now a trauma-informed, cycle-aware yoga and meditation teacher, who lives to empower women through yoga. As a teacher and facilitator, she intends to hold space in a way that brings people back to themselves—creating a sense of acceptance as they shape-shift, and connect to their bodies, breath, inner wisdom, intuitive power and deep knowing.

Salim El Khayati

Salim became General Manager of La Résidence Phou Vao in 2020. Salim enjoys a spot of photography in his free time and can often be seen with photos accredited to him on La Résidence Phou Vao’s Instagram page. Salim is an active person and will be guiding the guests during the retreat on a walk to Mount Phousi.


Solo: US$2,930 per person
Come As A Pair: US$2,580 per person

Inclusive Of:
-     3 nights stay in a Mountain View Junior Suite at La Résidence Phou Vao, a Belmond Hotel
-     Complimentary Return Airport Transfers
-     Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), including Curated Dining Experiences
-     A complimentary 90-minute Signature Sip Sen Traditional Lao Massage
-     Silent Sunset Mekong River Cruise Experience with Afternoon Tea
-     Curated Wellness Programme (including Yoga, Baci Ceremony, Chanting and Meditation with Buddhist Monks, Silent Hike to Mount Phousi)
-     Local-Immersion Experiences (including Tak Bat Alms Giving and Offerings, Therapeutic Walking with Elephants*)
-     All Site Fees and In-Country Transfers
-     Welcome Amenities
-     Wellness Care Kit

 *This experience does not involve riding of elephants.

Kindly note that travel insurance, flights and additional costs resulting from flight routes are to be purchased and arranged separately. Get in touch with our consultants for advice and assistance on the arrangements. 

Flights Details:
This is our recommended flight option if you’re travelling from Singapore. 

6 Oct SIN 1015 - LPQ1600 via Thai Air Asia, 2h50min stopover at DMK
9 Oct LPQ 1630 - SIN1405 via Thai Air Asia, overnight stop in Bangkok

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to visit Laos?

It depends. For most nationalities, only an e-visa is required to enter Laos. You would need your basic personal information, passport information as well as your travel information. You are recommended to apply at least one week prior to date of arrival.

Can you arrange an extension to other parts of Laos and the region?

Absolutely. We can extend your trip to cover other parts of Laos and the region before and/or after this group journey.

Are the practices or activities religious in nature? 

Not at all, the methods we share are free of dogma and are open to people of all belief systems. The methods themselves are rooted in science and we will use inclusive vocabulary open to all people. 

Nonetheless, some of the experiences that we have curated for the retreat may be religious in nature (the predominant religion of Laos is Theravada Buddhism). You are free to observe or not participate if you wish to.

What is Mouna? Is it mandatory to participate in silence?

We will introduce ‘Mouna’, the practice of maintaining silence at the beginning of the retreat and creating a space for days of silence. It is up to you regarding how deeply you go into the practice and for how long you choose to maintain silence. If you need to chat with other participants who also are not maintaining silence, then we ask that you do it away from the retreat grounds or the group activity spaces. You can learn more about Mouna here.

Can I join the wellness getaway alone? 

Absolutely, some people are looking for some time out from their lives and they embark on the wellness journey solo, and you’ll most certainly be amongst people having a similar experience. Some of us might just want “alone-time”, or some of us might want to seek new friendships. 
The wellness getaway is an incredible place to make great life-long friends. There’s something about going through the retreat experience that can really create strong bonds. 

Do I need to have prior experience in meditation, yoga and movement?

No, you do not need to have any prior experience. Our practitioners will introduce helpful tips to get started, as well as to deepen current practices for the more experienced. 

There is hiking in the itinerary, would it be strenuous?

The hiking activity would be of moderate difficulty. There are 260 steps to the top of the mountain. Do let us know if there would be any medical or physical conditions that we should take note of. 

Do I have to attend all scheduled sessions/ activities/ meals? 

As each step on the retreat schedule has been thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey of unfolding and emergence, we would highly recommend that you begin and end the journey as planned so as to experience it as it was intended and get the most out of your wellness getaway.

Terms & Conditions

a) Full payment is required to secure your spot at the wellness getaway.

b) Cancellations are to be advised in writing, with a 50% refund given for cancellations made more than 21 days prior to the retreat. No refunds will be given if a cancellation is made within 21 days of the retreat.

c) We cannot give any allowance or refund for meals, activities, or other pre-paid services not taken during the wellness getaway. In the event of a no show at the wellness getaway (or part of the wellness getaway), we reserve the right to retain the full amount paid.

d) We reserve the right to postpone the wellness getaway in the event a pre-requisite number of guests is not met or any other occurrences render the retreat impossible to run (e.g.,COVID-related restrictions imposed by the Singapore government or foreign government). If postponed, guests will have one week’s notice to cancel after which claims for a refund will no longer apply.

e) If a refund amount is to be processed, it will be refunded less any applicable credit card or bank transfer fees charged by third party payment processors.

f) We reserve the right to make the necessary amendments to the retreat, including but not limited to the retreat venue, accommodation, schedule and other details, where we deem fit to comply with the prevailing Singapore and relevant foreign government regulations.

g) We are proud to be a conscious company in which sustainable travel is central to our philosophy and values; from taking care of our travellers, staff, guides, families and suppliers, to being respectful to the local people we meet, and preserving the pristine environments we travel through. Each journey we craft takes into account all of these components. To mitigate any impact of the carbon footprint we leave behind, we work with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every traveller we send on a journey.

Embark with us on Finding Inner Peace in Ancient Laos

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