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12 Best Playlists For Calm And Focus

Looking for a soundtrack of calm but lost in a sea of choices? Our team have done the homework for you – here are our favourite playlists whenever we need some chilled tunes to centre ourselves.

Winter 2017 by Cereal Mag (Spotify)

This has all the right feels for putting you in a winter mood – for nursing a hot drink by a crackling fire on a cold night.

Deep Focus (Spotify)

For relaxing and unobtrusive tunes to get you in the zone of flow. Stay focused and productive – without the stress and anxiety.

Saib’s Basement Grooves (YouTube)

In collaboration with Majestic Casual, Saib releases a mix with a selection of jazz, groovy beats, bumpy guitars and warm melodies. The perfect playlist for lazy Sundays.

Mellow Beats (Spotify)

Looking to soften your evenings? Stay relaxed with these low-key beats and instrumentals.

Cinematic Chillout (Spotify)

A collection of the best background music from some all-time favourite films.

Vanilla Sky OST (Spotify)

For those with a taste for the eclectic, this cult classic shifts between moods and tones as it takes you from classic rock to folk, trance, and hip-hop.

Lo-Fi Beats (Spotify)

Perfect for days and nights to study, read or relax to.

The Theory of Everything OST (Spotify)

An incredible playlist that takes you on a journey – from the comfort of your mind.

Relaxing Sunday Mornings: An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist (YouTube)

Slow Sunday mornings are meant to be savoured. Start yours with this upbeat blend of uplifting and soothing indie folk and pop tracks.

Bon Iver (Spotify)

A hidden gem, Bon Iver’s music is transcendent and transports you to a cabin at the edge of the world. For those in search of alluring music with hushed and introspective tones.

Lo-fi hip hop mix for focusing and relaxing (YouTube)

Slow, calm, and laced with chilled beats. Perfect for the evening after a day of work.

We Bought A Zoo OST (Spotify)

Composed by Sigur Ros and Jonsi, be elevated with a feel-good experience on this soundtrack.

Which playlist is your favourite? Let us know at ask@blueskyescapes.co

Which playlist is your favourite? Let us know at ask@blueskyescapes.co

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