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Founder’s Letter

This time of the year, indeed the call to reflect and set intentions is ever more compelling, and I’d like to take this time to share with you about how Blue Sky Escapes is doing.

In 2020, we’ve gone from being on lockdown, to serving quarantine and being nose-probed with swab tests, to now celebrating the trials of potential vaccines. We’ve sought after alternative ways to remain present and connected with others, and I’m particularly glad to see that our ways of showing solidarity and expressing love have grown considerably.

When asked what I miss most about travel, the answer lies in the ability to lose myself in a new environment unfamiliar to me. There is a certain magic in experiencing a new place mindfully, tuning into all your five senses, and absorbing all that unfolds before you with a certain childlike wonder. At Blue Sky Escapes, with outbound leisure travel grounding to a near-halt all over the world, we’ve been inspired to re-create such “new environments” within our circumstances.

Some of you took part in our series of virtual workshops and dance shake-offs (Circuit Connekt) which were designed to empower our community with the holistic resources to better navigate these unprecedented times. We hosted over 20 virtual sessions and touched more than 3,500 participants in 30 countries, with over S$4,000 being donated to charitable causes.

And as restrictions began to loosen, we re-focused our efforts on staycations within our shores, offering you best available rates at our favourite properties, including perks and VIP amenities exclusive to us and access to our black book selection of private wellness experiences. We also took you to places in Singapore many never thought to exist, such as Lorong Buangkok, the last kampong of Singapore.

Another one of these efforts included nurturing and letting our idea of a wellness retreat take form. Many of you who sought respite through our wellness offerings had a part to play in our decision to run with it. Taking place at a secluded and restored black-and-white mansion tucked away in the heart of a nature reserve, An Emergence of Self  is the only retreat you’ll find that intends to serve up self-exploration and holistic transformation in a curated and intimate setting.

As a brand, we care very much that our clients, partners and friends come away from our experiences just that little bit enlivened, revitalized or transformed – we are inspired by the huge opportunities for personal and spiritual growth which present themselves when one journeys to their inner and outer worlds.

“And you can count on our team’s culture of curiosity and reflection – we ask ourselves these questions constantly: What experiences deliver an emotional impact? How do we facilitate a positive shift in the deeper layers of a person? I believe our longing to explore is what has kept us agile and driven continuous growth and innovation.”

Indeed, our experiences this 2020 have been largely shaped by our community and the networks that we were fortunate to cultivate. I’d like to personally thank you for your continued support, friendship and words of encouragement – they have helped us remain hopeful and inspired for the future.

On behalf of the Blue Sky Escapes team, here’s sending you and your loved ones our warmest regards and thoughts to you for the coming new year.

All my best,


P. S. What would you say is your greatest takeaway from 2020?

I’d love to hear from you as we enter into the New Year together.

I’d love to hear from you as we enter into the New Year together.

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