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Harnessing the Energy of the Moon

The Moon is faithful to its nature, and its power is never diminished.

– Deng Ming-Dao

Each of us have our personal self-care rituals that we seek respite in. There are milestones in our lives where we turn to moments of pause, rumination, and alignment. Some of us see new beginnings as a time to reorient and set intentions for the future, and for others bringing chapters to a close, we find a way to set aside time for reflection of our past and present. For any and all our highs and lows, beginnings and endings, the moon experiences the same in its waxing and waning.

Photo credit: Aurignacian Lunar Calendar / diagram, drawing after Marshack, A. 1970

Since time immemorial, mankind has lived in alignment with the lunar cycle. Did you know? The Lunar Phases of the moon have been observed for thousands of years, with the earliest records identified as the Aurignacian Lunar Calendar, dating back to 32,000 B.C.  

Photo credit: Notation dans les Gravures du Paléolithique Supérieur, Bordeaux, Delmas / Don’s Maps

The Pink Supermoon

This coming 27 April, the Pink Supermoon will grace our sky in Singapore (the first of the two Supermoons in 2021). Coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, a ‘Supermoon’ is when the moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. Viewed from Earth, the moon will appear larger than usual, a beacon in the night sky with its surface visibly lit up.

How can we relate to the Lunar Cycle?

“The moon’s monthly journey represents a cycle of creation to completion, one that is much akin to our own cycle of agency to encounter, of expansion to contraction.

The arrival of the moon in its fullest capacity coincides with that incredibly still moment, where the yang is disappearing into the yin, a moment that asks for full presence.

Syncing with this natural point of stillness, meditating with the full moon inspires our reflection of ourselves, of our arrival to completion within a cycle, of our capacity to be with our wholeness.”

– Amber Sawyer

Over centuries, the phases of the moon are interwoven into our daily lives and routines, at times signifying a time for celebration. In most countries, the seasonal rhythms of daily life are organized by the lunar calendar. With agriculture being an essential sector, good harvest and abundance of food are celebrated annually. A well-known occasion is the Mid-Autumn Festival, commemorated in countries such as mainland China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

On a personal note, the lunar cycle can serve as a good guidance for reflective and intention-setting routines in our lives. Some people associate the New Moon with a time for new beginnings, starting projects and setting intentions on the milestones they would like to achieve, while the Full Moon signifies a time for reflection — reviewing and celebrating dreams and aspirations that have manifested.

Staircase to the Moon (Broome, Australia) Photo Credit: Linda McCormick

Our wellbeing and wellness practices that we go about every day are also closely and deeply rooted in the universe.

A phenomenon that captures this in one stunning visual is Staircase to the Moon, an optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This is observed when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide. In the dark hours, moon bathing enthusiasts recline in the enchanting natural environs of Roebuck Bay in Broome, Australia. As international borders gradually reopen for leisure travel, perhaps it is time to consider paying a visit to destinations where the landscape is worth mooning over.

Syncing with the Lunar Cycle

In some cultures, such as the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian, people worship the moon and create traditional rituals that have since evolved as an avenue for self-care where time is dedicated to gain clarity on one’s needs, to reflect on goals and to focus inward.

Take it from Reiki master Charro Benteau. Commenting on the value of practicing moon rituals, she remarks “For me, my moon rituals are all about giving attention to the subtle voices in my head that really need an extra little “atta girl” boost.”


Intention-setting and reflective moments are helpful as part of any self-care routine.

“Different phases of the moon have different themes and rituals. Understanding the energy that encompasses each phase of the moon can help to determine the elements and tools used during the ritual.” – Amanda Ling

At the height of the pandemic which curtailed social interactions and leisure travel, many of us reflected upon our journey thus far and reset our intentions. In the process, we’ve brought personal wellness to the forefront of our priorities.

“I do believe this upward trend is here to stay, as people are beginning to realise the significance of mental well-being being essential to inculcating practices that build self-awareness and resilience – qualities which are vital and transferable as a matter of personal growth long after the pandemic ends.”

– Blue Sky Escapes Founder, Krystal

At Blue Sky Escapes, we care deeply for our community to come away from our experiences just that little bit enlivened, revitalized or transformed. This coming Pink Supermoon, we would love to invite you to…


To commemorate the occasion, we’ll be giving away our specially curated Lunar Care Kit to 5 recipients.⁠

Applicable for Singapore residents only.

Enter by 19 April 2021, 9:30PM SGT.

You’re Invited!

Additionally, we’ll be holding a safe space over an intimate 30-minute Zoom session for a time of stillness, reflection and grounding.

The session will be led by Amber Sawyer, who is one of our practitioners at our upcoming wellness retreat, An Emergence of Self — Finding Stillness. Amber will share about syncing with the Lunar Cycle and lead us on a short guided meditation.

Whether you’re new to the practice or are looking to supercharge your reflective and intention-setting moments, you’re welcome to join us.


We look forward to sharing this intentional, meaningful experience with you.

If you’re looking to journey inwards, get in touch with our wellness specialist on WhatsApp or reach out at ask@blueskyescapes.co for a chat.

If you’re looking to journey inwards, get in touch with our wellness specialist on WhatsApp or reach out at ask@blueskyescapes.co for a chat.

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